KMC Result 


The ceremony will be opened to all participating schools and all finalists.


Date :   27th July 2019
Time :  9:00 am to 11:30 am
Venue : KMIT'L Alumni, Ladkrabang

Dear KMC 2019 Participants,

The results are given in PDF file.

Please take note of the following:

1. If there is any mistake in the names or category of any participant, please inform us as soon as possible by email. This is important since the names will appear on the certificate.

2. The allocation of percentage for participants in KMC is as follows:

  • Gold Award        Top 10% of the participants

  • Silver Award        Next 10% of the participants

  • Bronze Award     Next 10% of the participants

  • Merit Certificate is awarded to students above the 50 percentile who have not received a higher award

The Total numbers of participants are 549 students.

– Pre Ecolier : 188 students
– Ecolier : 141 students
– Benjamin : 104 students
– Cadet : 66 students
– Junior : 36 students
– Student : 14 students

Congratulations to all winners!