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"Come together. Over love in Mathematics"

There is great enthusiasm among Primary students to compete in mathematics competitions. This is an extremely good sign for the progress of mathematics education.


However, most mathematics competitions seem to be testing students' knowledge beyond the school syllabus and exposing what the students cannot do while a mathematics competition should actually be a platform to reveal what students can do!

ISMC aims to encourage the young students to compete at the international level. It also helps to identify best talents among students. Its syllabus is mainly common with the Singapore Maths (Primary) syllabus. Thus, students can take part in ISMC without advanced beyond-the-grade-level knowledge and marathon of special training trying to learn in hours all topics which are new and unfamiliar to them.


Students' Benefits
Who should participate?
All school students who would like to increase their understanding and skills in mathematical problem solving..”



There are 5 papers and 5 categories

Primary 2

Grade 2

ประถม 2

Primary 3

Grade 3

ประถม 3

Primary 4

Grade 4

ประถม 4

Primary 5

Grade 5

`ประถม 5

Primary 6

Grade 6

`ประถม 6


Format is uniform across the levels: Primary 2, Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5, and Primary 6. Students are asked to solve 25 problems in 90 minutes. Students write their responses on an answer sheet. Questions are arranged in a way that the first ones are the easier ones, then the level of difficulty gradually increases so that the last questions are the more difficult ones. 2 marks each are contained by Questions 1-10, 4 marks each by Questions 11-20, and 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 marks each by Questions 21,

22, 23, 24, 25 respectively, making a full score of 100. If a participant leaves a question unanswered, that question will be marked '0'. There is no penalty/deduction for wrong answer.


  • Gold Award        Top 5% of the participants

  • Silver Award        Next 10% of the participants

  • Bronze Award     Next 15% of the participants

  • Merit                    Next 20% of the participants

  • Others will each get a Certificate of Participation.



Top school will receive the ISMC Challenge Trophy. The ranking will be based on the number of

Gold awards, then Silver awards, then Bronze awards.



620 Baht - Countries’ Round



28 Jan 2020       Registration starts
30 May 2020     Registration closes*
13 Jun 2020     ISMC-Day (Competition Day)*
*Postponed date
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5-6 Sep 2020 (Date and time to be confirmed)
Global Final Round @ Singapore

Countries’ Round:
Top 5% Gold, next 10% Silver, next 15% Bronze,

next 20% Merit

Global Final Qualification: 
All medalists and merit from Countries’ Round qualify.

Priority for medalist first (Gold, Silver, Bronze)


School participation

The competition will be held at the student’s own school, to be administered by the assigned person(s) in charge.

Individual Participation