The Kangaroo Math Competition is an international school-level mathematics competition which is organized by the Association Kangourou sans Frontieres (AKSF), a transnational education group based in Paris, France. Founded in the early 1980’s, Kangaroo Math Competition is now the world’s largest math competition with more than 6 million participants from some 80 countries in 2018.

Thailand is inducted into AKSF in 2018 and Phi Learning Centre has been sanctioned by AKSF to organize the Kangaroo Math Competition in Thailand starting 2019.


● to support the internationalization effort of Thailand’s education system

● to popularize mathematical enrichment activities among students and teachers in Thailand

● to allow students in Thailand to achieve certification and recognition from an internationally prominent education body

● to increase Thailand’s participation to be at par with other established countries in the International Kangaroo Math Competition

● to expose students to interesting math problems designed by internationally renowned math educators

● to allow students to apply their knowledge in mathematics that they have learned in school


● KMT is a unique competition that is different from other math competitions such as Math Olympiads

● KMT’s syllabus is less advanced than other Olympiad competitions and students can compete without taking any special training

● KMT’s syllabus incorporates school syllabus which makes KMT different from other competitions that test knowledge beyond the school syllabus

● KMT is catered to all school students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 with six different categories with differing levels of difficulty

Students' Benefits

● Student’s interest in mathematics will increase

● Can help to increase the interest of students to participate in Math Olympiads

● Generate student’s creative and critical thinking

● Students will be accustomed to problem-solving questions

● Increase the student’s ability to answer HOTS questions

Who should participate?
All school students who would like to increase their understanding and skills in mathematical problem solving..”



There are 6 papers and 12 categories


Grade 1-2

ป.1- ป.2



Grade 3-4

ป.3 - ป.4

Grade 5-6

ป.5 - ป.6


Grade 7-8

ม.1 - ม.2


Grade 9-10

ม.3 - ม.4


Grade 11-12

ม.5 - ม.6


24 multiple-choice questions

(Pre-Ecolier and Ecolier)

30 multiple-choice questions

(Benjamin, Cadet, Junior and Student)


Allocated time: 90 minutes


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  • Gold Award        Top 10% of the participants

  • Silver Award        Next 10% of the participants

  • Bronze Award     Next 10% of the participants

  • Merit Certificate  Next 20% of the participants


Winner are separated by Grade level. (Ex. G1 is not competing with G2.)

All other participants shall be awarded Certificate of Participation.
Top 3 schools receive trophies: Schools are ranked according to the tally of Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, in that order, obtained by their students.


550 Baht 



20 March 2022     Registration closeds
3 April 2022     K-Day


Online Exam (จัดสอบผ่านระบบออนไลน์)

You will need to have an internet connection and a webcam to sit for KMT online.

Individual Participation (ลงทะเบียนสมัครรายบุคคล)