Results of the SEAMO X International round in Australia

Our most elite Thai students took part in the global round of the Southeast Asian

Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO) held in the Gold Coast, Australia and won 2 Gold, 14 Silver, 8 Bronze and 22 Merit medals.

The Thailand team consisted of 48 candidates accompanied by 52 teachers and parents and attended this prestigious event from 17-20 January 2020.

The SEAMO English Math Olympiad is a test of global English Math competency for students from Primary to High School run by SEAMO International Organizing Committee based in Singapore. It is presided by the celebrated Math Olympiad author and Chief Examiner Mr Terry Chew B.Sc. The exam is held annually with the participation of more than 50,000 candidates from many countries around the world such as Singapore, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Norway, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand and many more.

The objective of the exam is to assess students' level of English Math competency from Grades 1 to 12, which enhances their critical thinking in mathematical problem-solving. Students become familiar with the strategies and tools used to approach challenging and tricky sums and gain experience to take the International Exams.

SEAMO is based on Singapore MOE's 21st Century Core Competencies. Candidates who win medals have a high chance of entering top Asian schools such as Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Sydney Grammar School, Meriden School, Indian Institute of Technology and the National University of Singapore.

SEAMO Candidates are given 90 minutes to answer both MCQ and Open-ended questions. The Gold Award is given to candidates from the 92nd percentile and above. The Silver Award is given to candidates from the 80th - 91st percentile and the Bronze Award is given to candidates from the 60th-79th percentile. All medal winners get a chance to enter the competitive global round of the examination.

Among our winners are SIRIYAKORN MAKKAPHINYO from

Bangpleepattanasuksalai School and SUPAKIAT

MANUSIRIVITHAYA from Roong-aroon won the Gold Medals.


PATHAMES TECHAJAREONVIKUL from Shrewsbury International School,